Vege Kebabs


This scrumptious, fun food-on-a-stick meal is all about deliciousness! Heaps of fresh vegetables threaded onto skewers and cooked over the barbecue. Perfect.

Makes 14 kebabs

1 small red capsicum, cut into chunks
250g punnet Meadows kebab mushrooms, halved
1 small courgette, cut into chunks
1 red onion, cut into small wedges
14 cherry tomatoes
200h haloumi cheese, cut into chunks
Olivado avocado and basil oil
14 wooden skewers, soaked in cold water

1. Thread capsicum, mushroom, courgette, onion wedge, a chunk of haloumi and cherry tomato onto each skewers to make 14 kebabs.
2. Just layer as you go.
3. Drizzle with the oil and barbecue or grill until the veges are softened and cooked through. The haloumi won’t melt, it will just go golden.
4. Turn the kebabs often to brown each side.

Trudi’s Tip:

To make it easier, cut all your vegetables the same size.
Serve with a basil pesto.
Use green capsicum, other meat or prawns and sizzle on the BBQ.
Use longer metal skewers and layer more on.
Experiment with food on the kebabs that your family loves.

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