Cook’s Night Off provide chef-prepared delicious meals, delivered fresh, ready to heat and eat. There is a new menu every week and meals are customisable to suit clients’ taste and special needs. But Cook’s Night Off want to make their clients’ lives tastier and easier while also making a difference, so for every meal bought, another one is given to a person in need.

The mind behind the social enterprise, Suzanne Cannell had the idea for the Cook’s Night Off as she would find herself struggling to do meal planning, shopping and cooking while working fulltime, a house, a kid and lots of dogs to take care of, and often wouldn’t find anything a bit more homey and balanced to eat available from takeaways and delivery restaurants. On top of that, she wanted to contribute to social change and thought the “buy one give one” model could be a great way to have a positive impact in society and allow people to give to those in need.

Suzanne works closely with the Cook’s Night Off chef to develop four different tasty, balanced meals a week – Monday to Thursday – with carefully chosen fresh ingredients. There are the ‘Family Favourites’ as well, a regular menu with some of the most popular Kiwi meals, that clients can go to if they want something different from that week’s menu. And to make life easier, it works as a subscription. Clients choose the nights they can’t or don’t feel like cooking and set a subscription, so no need to be renewing and reordering every week.


At Cook’s Night Off, all the food is delivered fresh, chilled, in safe separate containers to preserve flavours and textures. Meal plans available for 1 to 5 people, 1 to 4 days a week, with meals from $9.70 per plate. Deliveries are on Mondays for Mondays and Tuesdays meals, and on Wednesdays for Wednesdays and Thursdays meals – only greater Auckland area currently.

Cook’s Night Off have been working with Foodlink and Auckland City Mission by sponsoring meals and giving toys at Christmas time and, with KidsCan by giving shoes at the back to school campaign.


The Cook’s Night Off exclusive recipe:

  • Real ingredients: no chemicals or additives
  • Fresh food: not frozen, dehydrated or injected with preservatives
  • Home delivery: a great balanced alternative to most takeaways and delivery restaurants
  • Time saver: No groceries shopping, meal planning or cooking
  • Meals for the whole family: food that is exciting enough to suit grownup taste buds but not too exotic for kids
  • Variety: different menus every week
  • Subscription: A “set and forget” way of ordering
  • Make a difference: your meals sponsor food to people in need


Online subscriptions, menus and more details at

Cook’s Night Off is also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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