Mist Wood Gin is leading this season’s ‘gin revival’ without a dash of tonic in sight. This new gin ready-mixed-drink comes in four surprising, delicious flavours including: Grapefruit & Lime, Orange & Bitters, Apple, and Elderflower & Lime.

“Gin is proving hugely popular in the UK and we are seeing the same trend take off here in New Zealand. However, because gin is still so synonymous with tonic, people are often put off by the spirit, when in fact it is the tonic that is putting them off. Gin is widely seen as one of the most sophisticated white spirits and when people try it with mixers other than tonic, it’s a revelation,” says Marketing Manager Giselle Bleakley.

Mist Wood Gin should be enjoyed chilled or over ice in a tall glass. It can also be turned into a ‘gin jelly’ another twist to an old classic – the traditional vodka jelly.

Mist Wood Gin is available in 320ml bottle 10 packs (RRP: $24.99) and 4-packs (RRP: $12.99) at all leading liquor outlets.

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