Swiss Easter Jelly - Fresh Ideas

This fluffy Easter treat is light, cool and the kids can help! The perfect dessert for lovely, long weekends and a nice change from all that chocolate.

Serves 6

To make Swiss Easter Jelly, you will need:

1 packet jelly crystals (your choice of flavour but lemonade is best for the milky look)

1 tin chilled unsweetened condensed milk

1 cup boiling water

How to make Swiss Easter Jelly:

Dissolve jelly crystals in the boiling water and leave until half set.

Beat condensed milk until thick.

Combine the jelly and the condensed milk and beat again.

Pour into a mould of your choice to set. A simple rectangular Tupperware dish is fine, or circular is great for Easter.

Feel free to add colour coordinated fruits in at this stage to decorate.
Refrigerate for about one hour.

Serve on its own or with fruit, ice cream or mini Easter Eggs. For that extra special look, garnish with small, fresh flowers.

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