Five quick life-hacks to continue our Tidy Tuesday theme… WARDROBE DETOX:

  1. Colour Coding – the absolute best way to organise your wardrobe and find clothes to wear.  Helps you see which colours you have and how many shirts, tops, pants, dresses etc you have in that colour.
  2. Hang your handbags/manbags – allows you to see them all and saves precious shelf/drawer space. Again helps you select colours and styles to match that day’s outfit.
  3. Back to the famous egg carton bottoms and gift box reusing – compartmentalise. Jewellery, cufflinks, even sunglasses and hats can be sorted in a drawer for ease of finding.
  4. Take a selfie! Love an outfit or get good compliments or just know it works. Snap it and blue tack it on the wall of your wardrobe.
  5. Have you worn it in the last six months? Does it fit? Two big questions you need to ask yourself then cleanse if you answered “no” or “meh” to the item.

Gem of goodness:

Shall we leave the 18 year old dresses for the 18-year olds? 
Rid your wardrobe and give it to a charity like Dress For Success who help people back into the workforce or even better, take it into a Recycle Boutique who will sell on your behalf. Ka-ching! Or even a retro upcycler if your wardrobe is that stuck in the 80s…

Trudi’s Tips:

  • Old shower curtain rings for singlets – hang and see your selection rather than rifling through drawers. You can hang about 12 singlets on one single coat hanger.
  • Shoes in cubby holes not biffed on the floor – cheap plastic boxes stacked upright.

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