Results for the Vogel’s Big Little Census are in and it turns out Kiwis are a nation of Dave Dobbyn-loving, Marlborough Sav quaffing, crunchy peanut butter lovers!

Vogel’s celebrated its big 5-0 by taking the pulse of the nation and asking Kiwis 30 big and little questions to find out what make us, us.  Asking questions like; do you follow the three second rule, PJs or nothing, and who’s the New Zealander you are most proud of?

23,636 Kiwis weighed in, double the number who voted for Jacinda in the hotly contested Mt Albert by-election, and over three times the population of Wanaka.

Commenting on the findings from the census, Andrew Fenwick, Marketing Manager, Vogel’s said, “We loved that so many New Zealanders weighed in on our Big Little Census; the number of respondents means that one in every 200 Kiwis shared their views on what makes us, us. To be honest, we were expecting to find more differences than similarities when it came to the regions but it turns out we’re a pretty united bunch from Cape Reinga all the way to Bluff.”

When it comes to the soundtrack of the nation, Dave Dobbyn’s the clear favourite with one in five Kiwis choosing a Dave Dobbyn song.   His Footrot Flats theme song, Slice of Heaven took out the top spot and in second place, his other anthem, Loyal, loomed large. Playing third fiddle to the mighty Dave was Poi E except in Northland and the Naki, the only regions to knock Dave off his perch.

Dave Dobbyn was pretty excited to hear the news; “I love that I’m topping the survey… and talking of toppings, nothing beats Vogel’s toast with vegemite and diced capsicum.”

Which New Zealander are Kiwis most proud of?  Despite the nation’s obsession with rugby, it was humble, mountaineering legend, Sir Edmund Hillary who took out the Kiwi we’re most proud of, followed by Helen Clark, and in third place the best Number 7 in the world, Richie McCaw.

We got granular about our toast munching ways too.  70 per cent of us openly smear crunchy peanut butter over our hot Vogel’s toast (84 per cent).  61 per cent prefer cutting it in half over whole and when it comes to the not so humble avocado, 65 per cent like it smashed over sliced.

When it comes to wine, the tides are turning. Whilst the wine that put NZ on the map, Marlborough Sav won overall, its ruby-hued southern neighbour is closing in, with Central Otago Pinot Noir winning 47 per cent of the national vote.  Closer to home, loyalty counts, with local wine lovers staying true to their roots. 75 per cent of Marlborough locals voted for the Sav and in Otago, 66 per cent of locals voted for the Pinot.

Back to the regions, there were some local differences but overall the census revealed more nationwide similarities than variances.  Most Kiwis pretend not be home when somebody knocks, on the whole we’re a modest bunch and sleep in PJs not the nude, most of us don’t lie about our age and as a nation we can be trusted to keep a secret with the West Coast being the most trustworthy of the bunch with 96 percent of West Coasters being secret keepers.

Areas we’re divided on include the confession that Taranaki dwellers prefer cats over dogs, to the tune of 51 per cent compared to the national average of 46 per cent and all of the country are self-confessed night owls except for those dawny loving, surf faring folk in Gisborne.

50 years on, 23,636 Kiwis and millions of loaves later, we love that we’re still a nation of trustworthy, 3 second rule following, ticklish, innie tummy buttoners who prefer to munch hot toast.

Here are all the results:

GFL0364_Census Results Infographic v5


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