After months hanging out in New Zealand’s sunniest locations, new season Satsuma mandarins are ready to leave their leafy homes and head indoors to stores.

And what better way to keep the summer vibe going, and winter at bay, than with a deliciously sweet, healthy Vitamin C, A and iron-packed snack.

Brighten your day by adding them to lunchboxes, handbags – even gloveboxes. Shut your eyes and transport yourself to the sunny climate of Kerikeri, Matakana and Gisborne where the tropical climate has worked a treat growing these sweet and tasty mandarins for us to enjoy.

Easy to peel and seedless, Satsuma mandarins was first introduced to the West via Japan where they are known as unshu mikan. Well-known for being one of the sweetest varieties, with a meltingly tender texture, the Satsuma is a healthy and affordable way to keep you sunny on the inside when its cold outside.

Now grown by T&G Global (formerly Turners and Growers), Satsuma mandarins are available loose and in 1kg packs and the Odd Bunch through all good supermarkets and stores nationwide this winter.

PS: But don’t be fooled by their sunny disposition – Satsuma mandarins can be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks to extend their shelf life.


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