It’s been around for over 35 years and now New Zealand’s most loved brand of herbal products has introduced a range specifically for kids!

Harker Herbals latest new range of seven natural herbal syrups has been especially formulated to support the health and wellbeing of growing infants, toddlers and children.

The range offers a natural pleasant tasting syrup to treat a host of common kids’ complaints from winter ailments and ills and chills, chest and head congestion, breathing issues from winter illness or seasonal allergies, tummy upsets, sleep and overactive issues and even a general booster for enhanced immunity.

Flavour profiles have been carefully developed to appeal to young palates and include fruity fresh tastes such as lemon, orange, mandarin, cherry, fruity mint and sweet mint.

Each variant comes in eye-catching bright and colourful packaging with striking imagery that brings to life a collection of animated characters that kids will adore!

All herbal ingredients have been selected specifically for their proven efficacy and safety profile for young children making the range suitable for babies, toddlers and older children aged 0 – 12 years (except Breathe Easy which is suitable for 1 – 12 year olds).

Available throughout leading pharmacies and health stores nationwide, the Harker Herbals children’s range retails for $25 for 150mls and every purchase comes with a free Harker Herbals limited edition colouring book that kids are going to enjoy.

Harker Herbals manufactures and distributes over 50 top quality herbal products for adults which have been individually crafted and formulated to help a wide range of specific ailments. Retaining harmony in the body and returning it to a state of optimum health and vitality is the underlying philosophy of all the Harker Herbal tonics and elixirs.

All products in the range are free from parabens, petroleum, sodium laurel sulphates and propylene glycol and are made-traditionally using only the highest quality herbs and other natural ingredients.


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