Leading travel recovery drink company 1Above has conducted a survey to better understand the lifestyle demands of its consumer population.

The survey quizzed more than 350 respondents on their lifestyle habits by asking questions based on their hydration, exercise, sleep and activity patterns. An overwhelming majority (93%) said they have fairly average active days with the same amount saying their weekends were also spent fairly actively.

A significant 78% of respondents said they packed a lot into their day, with more than half exercising regularly, just under half exercising between two and four days (41%) and a quarter exercising between five and seven says per week.

Respondents were asked about the quality of their health to which 93% responded with being in fairly good health and just over half aiding their lifestyles with various daily supplements (53%).

1Above Chief Executive Stephen Smith says the survey revealed a mix of predictable and interesting results.

“We have always known that Kiwis on average, are very active and like to stay on the go. With the ever-growing demands of life, there is less down time for people, or time taken to rest and recover. We already knew that many people take supplements to keep up, and the survey met these expectations.

“What is more concerning, but something we have also known is people’s stress and exhaustion levels, and quality of sleep. A significant number of people said they suffer from stress ‘all the time’ (18.5%) with 29% saying they are stressed half of the time.

“If you think about it, these are high rates of people feeling stressed for prolonged periods. A vast majority of respondents across the board said they only enjoy ‘average’ sleep (93%) which is undoubtedly detrimental to performing at your best.”

Many respondents reported feeling tired, with 37% saying they are tired half of the time, 18.5% saying they are tired most of the time and one in 10 saying they are tired all of the time.

The survey also looked at people’s drinking habits and revealed that most people consume alcohol with 14% consuming between five to eight drinks per week.

“We also looked at people’s daily non-alcoholic drink consumption that gave us a pretty good idea of what people drink to keep them going. More than half of people consume between one and two coffees and worryingly nearly 20% of them consume between one and two fizzy drinks per day. We also know that 13% of people drink between one and two energy drinks. With the sugar, caffeine and taurine content in these, it makes sense that people aren’t getting a good night’s sleep.”

1Above is the only New Zealand company that uses Pycnogenol, the world’s most clinically studied and proven French maritime bark extract, in its products. The Super antioxidant is known for its immense health benefits, including but not limited to, recovery, circulatory and heart functions, vision, cognitive function, joint support, and respiratory health, to name just a few.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that Kiwis are looking for healthy alternatives to the traditional beverage and snacks that provide short term ‘bad energy’ and come with a crash and burn. We’re seeing no signs of people slowing down, and for us as health and wellness innovators, it’s about finding solutions that give people the option of staying on top, without sacrificing their health.”

About the survey:

  • More than half of the respondents were between 25 and 44-years old
  • 19% were between 45 and 54-years old
  • 16% were between 18 and 24-years old
  • Authors believe responses may be slightly skewed to a fitness-orientated audience.
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