We all know that our high-stress, fast paced lifestyles results in constant challenges to our immune system, but did you know that a key factor in staying fighting fit lies in the gut? Even though 80% of the immune system is located there, we constantly overlook the gut as the key to staying healthy. Good Health know that a happy, healthy gut = a strong, healthy immune system and have created Immuno-Biotic – a PRE+PRO Biotic in One to help sustain you through the many challenges that our bodies face.

Probiotics are well known for helping to increase the number of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, restoring gut flora balance and promoting optimal digestive and immune health. Good Health Immuno-Biotic PRE+PRO Biotic in One is not your everyday PRObiotic, it also includes a PREbiotic creating a new way to care for your gut and immune health. The PREbiotic provides the food for the PRObiotic and other beneficial bacteria to feed on and multiply. In other words, the PREbiotic increases the effectiveness of the PRObiotic.

Good Health Immuno-Biotic contains clinically researched PREbiotics and PRObiotics. The PRObiotic has a naturally resistant coat which provides protection from heat, moisture and gastric acid. This means the bacteria survive the acidic conditions of the stomach and only activate and multiply once they reach the digestive tract. The unique, natural ingredient EpiCor® has been clinically researched to work as a PREbiotic. EpiCor® is also highly effective in strengthening the immune system and as an antioxidant.

Immuno-Biotic PRE+PRO Biotic in One is easy and convenient to take. The formula is shelf stable, so does not require refrigeration to retain its effectiveness. It is derived from natural sources, containing no added gluten, dairy, egg, crustacea, soy or wheat and is suitable for vegetarians.


DIRECTIONS for Good Health Immuno-Biotic PRE+PRO Biotic in One – Maintenance: take 1 capsule daily with food. Acute:  take 2 capsules (clinically researched* dose) once daily with food.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.


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