Introducing Lotatoes – the low carbohydrate potato!

The humble potato is not what it used to be.  Lambasted by health fanatics worldwide for being too high in carboydrates – these people are about to eat their words and our new potato.

The potato growers working with T&G (originally Turners & Growers) have produced a naturally bred delicious flavoursome Lotato with 40% less carbs and calories than common potato varieties.

Lotatoes are set to put spuds back in the spotlight and centre stage on the dinner plate. Grown sustainably on rolling hills in Pukekohe and Ohakune, the innovation was inspired by nature.

Just like with apples, kiwifruit and countless other staple NZ produce, by simply cross-breeding different varieties of potato together the team have created a winner. Lotatoes look and taste like a top-notch potato, but without the carbs and calories.

Lotatoes grower Jay Masters says, “Lotatoes is the spud of our dreams and we’re so excited that Kiwis get to bring their love of potatoes back to the dinner table.”

So, potato lovers rejoice, it’s time to put spuds back on the weekly menu; the homemade potato top pie; the humble potato salad and don’t forget the good old roast potato.

Top nutritionist, Abbie O’Rourke, says, “Recent trends have put potatoes out of favour with many, often replaced with lower carbohydrate or lower calorie alternatives. Lotatoes puts them back at the top of the shopping list. They’re nutritious, delicious and a great source of Vitamin B6, potassium and dietary fibre.”

Not only are Lotatoes a winner on the table they’re also better for the environment. Masters explains, “the Lotatoes has a growing cycle that is 25% shorter than other varieties which means less water requirements.”


Michelle Singh, of T&G says, “Lotatoes are a long awaited innovation for us, they’ve been more than five years in the making. We’re thrilled to bring a new and improved staple back to the limelight, and hope Kiwi’s are too!”

Lotatoes is available exclusively in Countdown nationwide from June 2017, in a 2kg pillow pack.

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  1. Michelle Singh,
    Tag 2 lotatoes. What happens to these potatoes. Do they get sold at shops or flea market with no label.

    Could you send some tag 2 lotatoes to Otara and Mangere flee markets to sell? A big population of diabetics in Mangere and Otara. I am sure some of your Bananas end up at flee market, So i hope you can supply 2 stores with tag 2 lotatoes. I hope these stores can labell and promote what this product is. Good for diabetics and everyone.
    I can not tell you what to do, but I hope can think about this idea if it is your worth while in doing this or not.


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