An industry leader in innovative home appliance technologies, Panasonic, has added two premium integrated dishwasher models to its kitchen range.

Stylish, flexible, and user-friendly, the pair of dishwashers use the latest technologies to make cleaning dishes less impactful on busy lives and the environment. The models boast generous 15 and 13 place-setting capacities, respectively, utilising all the space available in a full-sized model.

The NP-B6M2FTNZ takes smart dish-washing to another level with Extra Silent and Extra Fast modes. The Extra Silent mode ensures the noise volume of the dishwasher never exceeds 42dB, so you can push play any time of the day, or night, without disturbing your family’s sleep. Extra Fast mode is quite simply extra fast. By washing the dishes with more water pressure, overall wash time is shortened on the selected programme.

These extra functions only scratch the surface of the exciting technology at work in Panasonic’s new dishwasher range.

Improving convenience, economy, and functionality, it is a combination of smart functions like Aqua Stop and the NP-B6M2FTNZ’s Automatic Opening Door that prevent excess power and water usage, while losing none of the cleaning quality Panasonic dishwashers are known for.

Aqua Stop is your safety net against unnecessarily, and unexpectedly, high water bills and flooding. Both the NP-B6M2FTNZ and the NP-B6VFTNZ use Aqua Stop to halt water usage as soon as a leak has been detected, giving you peace of mind that if something goes wrong you won’t be left with a flooded kitchen and out of pocket.

Your wallet will also thank the NP-B6M2FTNZ’s Automatic Opening Door as when finished, the door opens automatically to gradually let moisture out, reducing its energy consumption and displaying the highest standard of eco-consciousness.

The improved structure and shape of the dish baskets deliver superior cleaning and better ergonomics in both models. One simple action adjusts the upper basket height to fit various sizes of dishware. The dishwashers are also designed to allow easy dish loading and unloading with minimal bending.

Speaking of the range, Michael Opie, Panasonic New Zealand Home Appliance Product Manager says “we are incredibly proud of our latest range of premium dishwashers and are excited for consumers to experience how our smart technology is making dish-washing more convenient, in addition to reducing energy and water consumption”.

  • Panasonic’s integrated dishwasher range will fit seamlessly into your kitchen with the option to match the door to your kitchen cabinetry, or to fit with the supplied stainless steel door.
  • The dishwasher range is user-friendly, energy efficient and uses less water. The products offer a larger capacity, with advanced technologies in every function to ensure the best results.
  • Extra Silent and Extra Fast modes on the NP-B6M2FTNZ reduce the impact doing the dishes has on our busy lives.
  • The range is designed to allow flexible dish-loading, with minimal bending required for loading and unloading.

The 13-place-setting capable NP-B6VFTNZ with 6 preset programmes has a recommended retail price of $1,999.99 while the 15-place-setting capable NP-B6M2FTNZ with 8 presets has a recommended retail price of $2,499.99.

Both models can be purchased exclusively from Harvey Norman stores.

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