Think back to when you learned to cook. Was it your mum or dad alongside you, letting you mix those muffins? Maybe at Nana’s house and the smell of her soups and casseroles which just transported you to a place of warmth and comfort. Or maybe you’re a ‘new foodie’ and you taught yourself everything you need to know about the importance of what goes into your body.

For me it was a simple kind gesture of a cookbook and apron given to me on my 8th birthday by my godmother Christine. I spent hours after school poring over that kids cook book, Snoopy apron on, creating meals my family loved – well they said they did anyway 🙂

Trudi’s cookbook and apron 1980

The most important ingredient you can add to a recipe is love. If you stand at the bench with passion as your driver, your dishes you create will reflect that. Of course fresh ingredients and following a tried and true recipe are a bonus!

At Fresh, we love the mantra of wholesome foods. And if we’re a bit busy, love cooking with the Naked Locals range, made in New Zealand with local produce.

Naked Locals – in a nutshell – is produce grown by New Zealand farmers and food without compromise.

The Naked Locals team went to farmers in our country’s best known regions for the natural ingredients in their soups – just like Nana used to make. With Naked Locals, you get New Zealand grown produce that is only great for your immune system but good for kiwi farmers too. Naked Locals also donate to Oxfam NZ.

Our favourite in the Fresh Kitchen is the Naked Locals Ashburton Baby Pea and Rocket Soup with mint and crème fraîche. So good! Loads of green goodness and the sweetness of the peas means the kids lap it up over winter.

Naked Locals in our Fresh Factory kitchen, Uptown

We also love the East Coast Sunshine Pumpkin Soup and a close third would be the Kaipara Kumara Soup – a nod to my godmother in Helensville – and that special cookbook and apron.

For more information on the full Naked Locals range, click here.

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