The Rolling Pin is a dumpling food truck and caterer that is changing the dumpling game. By the hands of Gordon Kong, a Chinese chef based in New Zealand, and his wife Yina, The Rolling Pin’s dumplings are like no other in town. The difference lies in the combination of a totally unique recipe, traditional dumpling preparation method and outstanding customer service.

The concept behind The Rolling Pin’s creations is to surprise all senses, touch all taste buds in a gastronomic experience that provides surprising textures and flavours. The dumplings’ warmth is balanced with a cold Asian slaw, the softness of the dough highlights the crunchiness of the fried shallots and crushed peanuts topping, savoury filings are contrasted with a sweet and zesty dressing, and the fresh earthiness of coriander harmonises the spicy sauce – Gordon’s mum special recipe. Each dumpling is a mouthful of goodness.

Gordon wanted to introduce a new kind of Chinese cuisine more catered to Kiwis’ taste without losing the essence and authenticity of his Cantonese roots. Having worked for many years in the hospitality business in New Zealand, including renowned hotels Pullman and Heritage, Gordon knows Kiwis’ palate and wanted to promote a finer dining experience combined with the casual environment of a food truck – once more, balance is the key. Have a beautiful presentation, provide healthy options, be eco-friendly (biodegradable packaging and composting leftovers) and offer a great customer service (including vegan and halal options, which are normally not catered for in traditional Chinese food) were the guidelines for the enterprise.

The Rolling Pin’s cute (another word for small, as Gordon says) fixed menu includes an option for meatlovers, the Penang Pulled Beef dumplings – a combination of sambal slow cooked pulled beef with mirepoix and green peas that melts in the mouth –, and a vegan/halal option, the Buddha’s Delight dumplings – a rich mix of bean curd, shitake mushroom, pumpkin, bok choy and cabbage. All dumplings are handmade from scratch using premium fresh ingredients. Over winter, the menu expands with special seasonal offers, like the traditional Canton Beef Broth – a cherished recipe from Gordon’s home town – and Pork’n Spice, a special pork dish.

The Rolling Pin is at King’s College on Mondays (exclusively for students and school community – no external public access) and every Friday at their lunch spot in Ellerslie (15 Kalmia Street from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm).

They also participate on several markets and events (more than 20 in 2017 so far) and do catering for private events (weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, etc.) for up to 200 people with a broader customizable menu option. To give back to the community, they also support the Cancer Society and The Blind Foundation through special fundraisings throughout the year.

The dumplings come in servings of 8 ($12) and 4 ($8). Different prices apply for private events and fundraisings.

For more information and weekly schedule, visit

Instagram @the_rolling_pin_auckland and Facebook @TheRollingPinAKL

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