Alive Fundraising is transforming the fundraising industry with its commitment to healthy products and its use of online technology to make fundraising easy.

Gone are the days of peddling unhealthy products in person, handling cash and working long hours. Alive Fundraising is an easy, fuss-free system with healthy and delicious products.
Healthy Frooze Balls, Zoaties and Revive Cafe Cookbooks are available in this new fundraising initiative, that are perfect for schools, sports clubs, early childcare, churches, scouts/guides & other groups! The Alive Fundraising system is available on-line with delivery direct to the customer making it a very easy way to fundraise.
Healthy fundraising could not be timelier, with Professor Grant Schofield, the Ministry of Education’s first Chief Education Health and Nutrition Advisor, recent call to ban selling chocolate for school fundraisers, due to child obesity levels.
Alive Fundraising ticks all the boxes:

• Healthy products and no chocolate
• Great margins of 40%
• In five minutes, you can sign up your organisation at, receive marketing material and access your own online portal. It makes it easy to send out marketing material to your Facebook page and email contacts!
• Easy pay with debit/credit cards, so no bills and no handling cash.
• You can buy small quantities, there is no stock to handle and profits are paid automatically.
Would you like to learn more about this cutting-edge fundraising initiative?

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