“The Caker would have an entirely different aesthetic if it wasn’t for Fresh As!”­– Jordan Rondel

  • Kiwi company Fresh As, freeze-dried fruit and powders add intense texture to desserts and baking
  • New range used by top chefs globally, now available to home cooks to experiment with amazing ingredients

New Zealand owned and operated, Fresh As is known the world-over for their premium freeze-dried ingredients that add texture and intense flavour to dishes.

Commonly used by award winning chefs and proudly adorning plates at top eateries such as Melbourne’s Attica, New York’s Le Bernardin and closer to home at Auckland’s popular bakery The Caker.

Now home cooks and bakers have the opportunity to experiment with this loved ingredient as it hits retail shelves.

Jordan Rondel of the popular Auckland bakery, says that the Fresh As range of freeze dried fruit and powders have become the “signature to the look and flavour of our cakes.”

Rondel mixes Fresh As freeze-dried fruit powders into her icing to create a more intense flavour, resembling the true essence of fruit.

“The Caker also uses whole fruits to crumble and scatter on top of her cakes. It adds texture and vibrant colour that you couldn’t get from anything else. You would have an entirely different aesthetic if it wasn’t for Fresh As,” says Rondel.

Fresh As products are best known for their natural flavours which come from fruit freeze-dried at its peak. Blueberries, raspberries, lychees are among its expanding ingredient list that are frequently used as gorgeous toppings with blunt flavours.

Fresh As owner Tommy Roff and his team use low-pressure freeze-drying machines to develop any kind of freeze-dried ingredient possible. He calls freeze-drying “messing with texture.”

Fresh As isn’t just for chefs. Their complete range is available for consumers through their grocery line as ingredients or snacks and used in anything as simple as a smoothie or to something a bit more complex like cakes and patisseries.

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