School holidays – eek! So some quick life hacks to relax more and stress less.

1 in 3 of us get that extreme overwhelming feeling of stress each week so here’s how to kick those outta control feelings to the kerb:

– Go green! Yes a simple thing like having plants in your work space or home proven to reduce stress. Flowers even better. Guys, you listening?

– Acting happy can make you happy. The ol’ fake it til you make it actually works. Jump up, smile and embrace the day’s challenges. Attitude overhaul is needed when you’re feeling stressed. Have confidence in yourself that you get done what needs to be done. If not, ask for help.

– Feelings of anger and frustration can easily be beaten with a bit of chilly winter air in your lungs and a pounding of the pavement. Get out and go for a run if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Hate running? Walk a big hill and soak up the view.

– Ladies – this one’s for you – stop trying to be all things to everyone and just relax. There’s this weird phenomenon at the moment that working mums or career women need to hustle and bustle. Achieve this, know that, be gorgeous, slim and playful. Stop with the control freak for a minute and follow a bloke’s lead. Just let things unfold naturally. Stop over-scheduling life.

– Beat stress with chocolate! Yup, small amount of dark chocolate every day kicks in anandamide which helps happy feelings.
Comfort food, drugs, delicacy and medicine all in one square.
The other food to help with a good mood is asparagus but shall we stick to the chocolate?

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