• New Zealanders throw away 122,547 tonnes of food a year. Food rescue charities recognise this considerable waste and redistribute food surplus to those in need.
  • The Food Collective is a food service industry initiative supported by Unilever Food Solutions, with food rescue services KiwiHarvest and Kaibosh.
  • Unilever Food Solutions has committed to helping KiwiHarvest and Kaibosh provide more than 60,000 meals between now and December 2017.

With supermarkets across New Zealand rising to the food waste challenge, chefs and food service professionals are encouraged to join the Food Collective by donating surplus food, minimising food waste to landfill and understanding how food waste can be better managed in their kitchen.


The partnership between Unilever Food Solutions, KiwiHarvest and Kaibosh, provides the opportunity to raise much needed revenue for the charities, whilst increasing awareness of reducing waste in commercial kitchens and redirecting surplus foods to people in need. For each case of Unilever Food Solutions purchased, 50 cents will be donated to KiwiHarvest and Kaibosh.

“Reducing food waste is one of the big challenges facing the hospitality industry,” says Unilever Food Solutions Business Manager New Zealand, Reece McLaughlan,

“Food has a high carbon ‘footprint’, and so while most people think of only the disposal expenses, the costs are actually much higher. It requires considerable energy to grow, harvest, transport, process, package, retail and prepare food, so wastage has a serious impact on our planet,” he notes.

KiwiHarvest and Kaibosh have delivered over five million meals in need in their community to date.

“Unilever Food Solutions has taken an important step towards addressing these issues with the Food Collective,” says KiwiHarvest CEO and Founder Deborah Manning. “The hospitality industry can show support for our work rescuing food and nourishing communities, by ordering products from the Unilever Food Solutions range. Together we can make a difference.”

“It is extremely encouraging to see Unilever making a proactive commitment to the work of Kaibosh and KiwiHarvest through the Food Collective,” says Kaibosh GM Matt Dagger. “The important work of our organisations toward alleviating food insecurity and minimizing waste can only be achieved with the support of the wider public and the Food Collective allows the food industry to contribute to our work whilst going about their everyday business Everybody wins,” he adds.

The three organisations are also encouraging chefs across all types of foodservice venues to support this simple, yet effective movement to take up leaderships positions on the issue in their industry.

The New Zealand hospitality industry are encouraged to join the Food Collective by visiting www.foodcollective.co.nz, alternatively contact a Unilever Food Solutions sales representative or call 0800 367 756.


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