Anchor is helping Kiwis to optimise their protein intake throughout the day with the introduction of an innovative range of milk, yoghurt and smoothie boosters.

Anchor Protein+ is the first range of its kind in New Zealand to provide easy and versatile ways to support optimal protein intake throughout the day.

Angela Rowan, Fonterra General Manager of Nutrition, explains why protein should ideally be staggered across all meals.

“Our bodies need protein for optimal health,” she says. “If we don’t get protein from our diet throughout the day, muscle mass can be broken down to supply it.  This is why it’s ideal for people to have high quality protein spread more evenly throughout the day, rather than eating a single large portion at night. Dairy’s a convenient source of high-quality protein.”

Rowan says a recent survey* commissioned by Fonterra revealed that more than half the respondents didn’t realise that protein should be consumed throughout the day, and perceptions of how much protein is required for health and wellbeing ranged from 5g to more than a kilogram.

“As a trusted New Zealand dairy brand, Anchor has recognised our role in helping Kiwis understand the importance of protein, and provide ways for them to use dairy as a protein source.  The Anchor Protein+ range can be a way to help support optimum health,” Rowan says.

Anchor Protein+ Lite Milk is an easy high-protein(1), reduced fat(2) addition to the day, whether in a creamy latte, a delicious winter soup, or added to baking.  Anchor Protein+ Lite Milk contains 15g of protein per serve, almost double regular light-blue top milk(3), making it a great way to harness the power of protein.

Anchor Protein+ Yoghurt is a creamy high-protein(4) Greek-style yoghurt available in three delectable layered fruit varieties – Strawberry, Blueberry, and Passionfruit – as well as Plain and Manuka Honey.  With at least 12g of protein per serve, Anchor Protein+ Yoghurt can be a protein boost at breakfast, a versatile protein-rich snack or a creative addition to baking and cooking.

Nearly half of New Zealand’s population enjoy a smoothie every week(5), so the Anchor Protein+ Smoothie Booster is set to enhance a national passion, offering at least 17g of protein per serve in three tempting varieties – Strawberry, Vanilla and Natural.

With no artificial colours or flavours, a 5/5 health star rating, and clear labelling stating the protein content per serve, the Anchor Protein+ range is a healthy and convenient way to support protein intake throughout the day. The products are stocked in supermarkets nationwide.

Anchor’s mission is to help people keep topped up on protein, and it has created a protein calculator, at, for people to work out how much they need, using a few simple details.  There are also a range of recipes and tips showing people how to boost their protein intake with the Anchor Protein+ range.

Anchor Protein+

Lite Milk, 2L

  • 15g of protein per serve
  • 5/5 health star rating
  • RRP $4.99

Yoghurt, 180g

  • 12–14g of protein per serve (depending on flavour variety)
  • Available in four varieties – Strawberry, Blueberry, Passionfruit and Plain
  • 5/5 health star rating
  • RRP $3.00

Yoghurt, 950g

  • 13–14g of protein per serve (depending on flavour variety)
  • Previously known as Anchor Greek
  • Available in two varieties – Manuka Honey and Plain
  • 5/5 health star rating
  • RRP $7.00

Smoothie Booster, 375g

  • 17–18g protein per serve (depending on flavour variety)
  • Available in three varieties – Strawberry, Vanilla and Natural
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • 5/5 health star rating
  • RRP 24.99

About Anchor

Anchor is a trusted New Zealand dairy brand that has been producing milk for more than 125 years.  The team at Anchor believes milk is packed with natural goodness and should be a part of every New Zealander’s life.  Anchor is dedicated to creating fresh, delicious dairy products and shares the goodness of dairy with Kiwi communities, supporting schools and franchises, and providing knowledge and experience to help promote the importance of healthy, balanced eating plans for everyone.

About Fonterra

Fonterra is a global dairy nutrition company owned by 10,500 farmers and their families. Fonterra has built its expertise on the legacy of the thousands of farmers who have made New Zealand a world leader in dairy. With a can-do attitude and a collaborative spirit, Fonterra is a world leading dairy exporter. Fonterra’s 22,000 people share the goodness of dairy nutrition with the world through their innovative consumer, foodservice and ingredient solutions brands, and their farming and processing operations across four continents.

About the Survey

*Fonterra commissioned a survey through Perceptive Research in May 2017. A total of 1,055 New Zealanders aged 18 and over took part in the survey, with respondents representing a range of demographic groups from across the country. Survey respondents positioned themselves into the following groups: fitness focussed, health conscious, family first, time poor, life is for living, a creature of habit and budget restricted.


  1. Anchor Protein+ Milk contains 6g protein per 100mL, and 15g protein per serve. To reach this level of protein, the milk undergoes a different process, called ultrafiltration, that naturally increases the level of protein. Ultrafiltration works like a large sieve, concentrating protein on one side.
  2. Anchor Protein+ Lite Milk contains 56% less fat than Anchor Blue Milk which contains 3.4g of fat per 100mL.
  3. Anchor Protein+ Lite Milk contains 80% more protein than Anchor Lite Blue Milk which contains 3.3g of protein per 100mL.
  4. Anchor Protein+ Plain Yoghurt contains 8.2 grams of protein per 100 grams. The flavoured Anchor Protein+ Yoghurt varieties contain 7-7.3 grams of protein per 100 grams. To reach this protein level, cow’s milk and dairy protein powders are used to make Anchor Protein+ a high protein yoghurt. Anchor Protein+ Yoghurt provides more than 25% more protein than regular yoghurt such as Fresh ‘n Fruity, which contains 4.3g protein per 100g on average. Project Pathfinder & Anchor Protein90, December 2016, N=312
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