Original Bacon, Cheddar Shapes Return


Shapes fans rejoice – the highly-anticipated return of New Zealand’s favourite Shapes flavour is here!

Shapes Originals Cheese & Bacon are making their way back into stores. And in further exciting news, Cheddar Originals are back too.

Now, five Shapes Originals are available, as Cheese & Bacon and Cheddar join Pizza, Barbecue, and Chicken Crimpy Originals. Look for the black ‘Originals’ on-pack.

Arnott’s says: “We’re happy to announce the Originals range is now complete and includes Kiwi favourite Cheese & Bacon. The Shapes range now features Originals, flavour-hit variants and Light & Crispy. It’s the best Shapes range for Shapes-lovers old and new.”

  • In April 2016, some of Arnott’s Shapes biscuits were reformulated with stronger and bolder flavours, these now form the ‘flavour-hit’ range.
  • Due to popular demand, Arnott’s has now returned five Original favourites to NZ shelves: Pizza, Barbecue, Chicken Crimpy, Cheese & Bacon, and Cheddar.
  • Alongside four of the flavour-hit variants: Flame Grilled BBQ, Margherita Pizza, Nacho Cheese and Roast Chicken.
  • Chicken Crimpy and Cheese & Bacon are the most popular Shapes flavours, followed by Barbecue, Pizza, and Cheddar.
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  1. Hi Trudi,
    Hi heard you this morning talking to Ali on the Breeze and wanted to enter your competition to win a year’s supply of Shapes – we go through a lot of these so it sounded like a good competition to enter!

    I don’t do Facebook so was wondering if it’s possible to enter the competition via a link on your website? I thought there might be other Shapes fans out there too who also don’t do Facebook and would appreciate being able to enter the competition via your website also.
    Hope you can help.

    Kind regards,
    Emily Otto


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