Organic Initiative (Oi), a social enterprise focused on the removal of plastic and chemicals from hygiene products, is delighted to announce the addition of the revolutionary Oi Cup™ to Ecostore’s ever growing range of healthy and sustainable alternatives.

Oi was first launched into the New Zealand market in 2015 and has seen a rapid increase in demand from women who are passionate about looking after their health and the environment. More and more women are actively seeking certified organic, fair trade and biodegradable sanitary products.

Oi’s decision to introduce the Oi Cup™ to the range reflects their commitment to providing even more choice to a growing number of customers who are demanding healthy and cost-effective alternatives that are safe, ethical and sustainable options, in addition to their range of 100% certified organic tampons, pads and liners.

Oi is delighted to partner with the iconic New Zealand brand, Ecostore, to showcase the Oi Cup™. The Oi Zero Waste Cup has been designed for girls and women who believe that the environment is equally important as their own health. Hypoallergenic, reusable, recyclable and free of nasties such as silicone, latex, BPA and phthalates, the Oi Cup™ only requires changing every six to twelve hours.

“Since our launch in October 2015, Oi has seen huge growth with thousands of women now choosing healthy, sustainable sanitary products”, says Oi’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, Helen Robinson. “We are delighted to work alongside great organisations like Ecostore who share our underlying philosophy to do good at mass scale.”

“Ecostore is excited to have the Oi Cup™ in store. It perfectly compliments Ecostore’s ethos for looking after our world with great sustainable, harm free products”, says Yulia Podrul, Ecostore’s Retail Manager.

The Oi Cup™ follows Oi’s vision to create products that are not only better for women’s health but also better for the world. Oi invites all women everywhere to make a difference for themselves and for their world by “jOining the Revolution” campaign.

About Organic Initiative Organic

Initiative (Oi) is a New Zealand company focused on removing plastic from hygiene products. Oi’s first product range delivers premium, organic, healthy, and yet affordable women’s sanitary products. Oi’s tampons, pads and liners are certified organic by BioGro and GOTs and can be found in all good supermarkets, pharmacies and health shops. For more information, see


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