Pete’s Natural Lemonades offer all-natural artisan drinks made with 100 percent New Zealand grown fruit.

Created in Nelson and run by husband and wife duo, Pete and Marleen, Pete’s Natural Lemonades are passionate about keeping things simple, and above all, about keeping it New Zealand made, in order to produce artisan lemonades made the traditional way.

Traditional means that the entire range contain no additives, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. They use also freshly squeezed fruit, not from concentrate, with up to 50 percent less sugar than other drinks.

The Pete’s Natural website tells the story about how Pete’s Lemonade came about and is well worth reading.

“He got the undeniable urge to start brewing his own lemonade, he pulled out all the buckets and pails he could find and started mixing all the ingredients he could possibly come up with,” the website says of Pete.

They started 7 years ago with just lemonade, a year later they added a blackcurrant lemonade and another year later orange was added to the range. There are now eight flavours in the range – including their recently launched Ginger Beer, sweetened with New Zealand Honey and their long awaited low sugar Kola, made from cola nut extract, with freshly squeezed New Zealand lemons and limes, as well as New Zealand Heilala vanilla.

The range includes Kola, Lemon Chilli, Lemonade, Ginger Beer, Feijoa, Orange Berry, Currant Crush and Lime-o-nade.

When you’re drinking Pete’s Natural Lemonades you’re supporting New Zealand made. The entire Pete’s Natural Lemonades are made with 100 percent New Zealand grown fruit. They call that “Fair Trade At Home”.

They are low in sugar, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan friendly.

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