Rather be fishing? Don’t worry, you can get fish as fresh as it comes without having to skip work and spend hours on the end of a fishing rod.

Freshcatch is a New Zealand seafood delivery service that sources beautiful fish and delivers it to you from dock to door within the very same day. The only way you could get fresher would be to go out and catch it yourself!

By working with local fishermen, Freshcatch is able to source seasonal seafood, package it in recyclable chilled boxes, and get it to your doorstep on the same day. Better yet, your catch comes with tips on the best cooking methods and super simple, super tasty recipes from renowned Kiwi chef and part owner of Freshcatch, Al Brown.

Founder Graham Ritchie says: “We all know seafood is fantastic for us – packed with protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, but I think many Kiwis don’t like the idea of buying fish from huge stores without any idea of where it’s been caught, when it’s been caught, how it’s been caught or if it’s been caught in a sustainable way,” says Graham.

“Considering half of all seafood that’s sold in New Zealand is imported, and as long as it hasn’t been frozen can still be still sold as ‘fresh’ fish, I’m not surprised people avoid buying seafood.”

“With Freshcatch, we are giving you fish that you could have gone out and caught yourself – it’s just that we’ve done the hard yards for you. All of the seafood we supply is seasonal, local and as fresh as you can get so you can feel good about eating it every week.”

Because Freshcatch has a focus on sustainable fishing, it only selects fish that are in season to take pressure off the most popular ones being overfished.  This means your order may change from week to week, however fish of a similar taste and texture that are able to be cooked in the same way are grouped together, so you can still plan your meals in advance. Simply select the type of fish you prefer, and they’ll deliver the best choice depending on what’s been caught that day.

Freshcatch’s boxes include:

Premium Catch, from $29.99 : The freshest and most delicious fillets that we all know and love, with Al’s advice on how to get the most from these Kiwi favourites.

Al’s Picks, from $19.99 : As well as being delicious and simple to cook, these species are great bang for your buck.

Salmon Pack, from $29.99 : If salmon’s your thing, you’re covered with this world class Mt Cook Alpine Salmon.

The Raw Deal, from $19.99 :Delicious fish that’s beautiful eaten raw, Al will show you how to make things like ceviche, tartare and sashimi using fish like Trevally, Kingfish and Kahawai.

Shuck Club, from $29.99 :Nothing beats the taste of freshly shucked live oysters and clams. These little beauties are taken from the water and sent to you the same day.

Bits and Pieces, from $19.99: Many Kiwis only eat the pearly white fillets of the fish, so ironically we’ve been throwing away or wasting the best and often tastiest parts!

Freshcatch also advocates “nose to scale” eating, to make the most of underutilised species and seafood cuts.

“Ironically, Kiwis often throw away the tastiest parts of the fish such as bellies or wings,” continues Graham. “These are incredible cuts to work with so we’d love to see people ordering this option and experiencing the awesome food you can make with them!”

Orders can be placed at www.freshcatch.co.nz, $3 delivery in Auckland six days a week.


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