Your cup of tea ‘me time’ just got a whole lot more wholesome with Bell Tea launching a brand new range of white tea.

White tea is picked from the very tip of the plant and minimally processed, the result; a deliciously delicate tea that has a similar taste to green tea, but is a little lighter in flavour.

It sounds a little bit special and that’s because it is! Bell White Tea is sourced in the Zhejiang province of China and packaged right here in New Zealand. The production of the tea is limited due to a very small time frame in which the leaves can be plucked – only the first spring buds of the plant are used.

Natural and delicate, with no added sugar, Bell White Tea is available in Pure, Lemon & Honey and Strawberry & Mango. Each flavour infusion has been carefully selected by the Master Brewers at Bell Tea to ensure they work beautifully with the white tea flavour and don’t over power the white tea taste.

Alla Heta, Bell Tea Brew Master, explains, “The reason I love white tea is because of how natural it is, it’s one of the least processed teas. There are only two main stages of the process; the leaves wither to allow the natural moisture to evaporate, and then the leaves are dried. Our high quality white tea has been carefully chosen to deliver a pure and delicious taste.

Bell White Tea is available in all major supermarkets nationwide. RRP from $3.20.

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