Banana loving Kiwis can now find the little green frog symbol on Dole bananas in their local supermarket. 
A long-time partner of Rainforest Alliance, Dole loose bananas now carry the Rainforest Alliance Certified?? seal. Represented by a green frog emblem, the seal reinforces Dole’s commitment to sourcing its fresh fruit products from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.
Dole has been striving to sustainably produce their products and working with the Rainforest Alliance to help conserve the natural resources on its banana farms and promote the well-being of workers and local communities in South America.
Dole New Zealand’s Senior Marketing Manager Kamilla Camilo says the company has worked diligently over the past years to ensure they are providing sustainable fruit to Kiwi consumers.
“We know that bananas are the most popular fruit in New Zealand, with Kiwis consuming more than 18kg per person per year. A substantial portion of this figure includes Dole Ecuadorian bananas with more than 2 million boxes sold in New Zealand each year,” she notes.
“With this in mind, it was our top priority to ensure Kiwis were able to enjoy their favourite fruit, confident in the knowledge that their purchase was sustainable. The Rainforest Alliance’s comprehensive standards and sustainable practices align with Dole’s beliefs and values.”
Dole’s Rainforest Alliance Certified banana farms undergo audits to help ensure they comply with rigorous environmental and social criteria designed to protect workers, families and nearby communities. Rainforest Alliance helps ensure there is fair treatment and good working conditions for workers.
An independent study[1] revealed that Rainforest Alliance Certified banana farms in South America perform significantly better than non-certified farms in responsible land-management.
Alex Morgan, Global Director of Markets Transformation at the Rainforest Alliance says Rainforest Alliance Certified farms are helping carve the way to a better future and New Zealanders can show their support by purchasing products with the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal.
“When a consumer purchases a product carrying our green frog seal, they are also supporting farmers, farm workers and farming communities in their efforts to protect the environment, secure a better living and build a better future for themselves and their families,” he says. 
As well as Dole bananas, the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal can also be found on Dole Filipino pineapples, and Dole’s Chilean grape farms are expected to be certified in the next couple of years.
Dole is also investing in preserving New Zealand’s environment in the long-term. The company is a major sponsor of the Motutapu Restoration Trust and supported the repair of the island following damage caused by Cyclone Debbie earlier this year.
Alongside other well-known local brands, Dole works with the Sustainability Business Network to research solutions to Auckland’s current industrial food waste situation.
Dole bananas that carry the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal can be found at New Worlds, Pak n Save’s and local grocers nationwide.
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