Our ice creams are Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan and they’re all made locally here in New Zealand. Our Ice Cream is currently the only ice cream in New Zealand certified by New Zealand Coeliac Association to be completely gluten free with no cross contamination and we contamination and we have the Crossed Grain logo printed on all our packaging.

All products are also certified by FIANZ (Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand) to be Halal.

All products are made from 100% coconut milk and other plant based material and no artificial and GMO ingredients have been used in any of our products. 

What our aim has been so far to create an ice cream that can cater for everyone with most dietary requirements and allergies, and still taste great from the feedback from our partners and consumers. 

We currently have 4 flavours, Wahiki Coconut Vanilla, Wahiki Coconut Chocolate, Wahiki Coconut Mango and Wahiki Coconut Matcha. I am also very excited to say that we are also working that we are also working on 4 more flavours that would be totally unique and nutritious using wholefood and healthy ingredients. 

The Name Wahiki is a Maori word meaning “Timeout”, and it represents the Kiwi culture and ethos. We believe with the quality of the products it is fair to believe with the quality ofthe products it is fair to say everyone deserves to have a “guiltfree timeout” and have an ice cream.


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