In a move that reflects the rise and rise of the craft spirit revolution, Russian-inspired social space Vodka Room and Eat Auckland have paired up to present a 5-course dinner that leverages the widely unexplored flexibility of the age-old ‘bread wine.’

Spirit rising; 5-course dinner and vodka pairing

A series of intimate evenings will see Vodka Room’s Murray Wiblin showcase this mistakenly overlooked clear spirit – putting it through its paces as it rounds out, cuts through and balances flavour at different turns. Using the spirit to both pair (coconut carbon-filtered Ariki cutting through the fattiness of pork belly with razor precision) and prepare, guests will be seated at Chef’s table – a step away from the theatrical open kitchen and just beyond the gold-tiled pass.

Menu highlights include a vodka-cured gravlax. Salmon, hailing from the crystalline waters of Akaroa, is pressed for two days with beetroot, vodka, sugar, salt, lemon zest and dill leaves. Flavours develop further and an intense scarlet colour blooms through this rich, oily fish.

A vodka and coffee liqueur jelly, modelled on the iconic Black Russian cocktail and fashioned into glassy cubes, crowns a sour cream mousse.

Eat Auckland, known for its dumpling tours of Sandringham, will venture from the far East to the Eastern bloc, inviting guests to sample a Slavic staple with a twist, pelmeni. The dumpling praised by food critic Kim Knight, NZ Herald, as ‘unorthodox, but excellent,’ parcel up beef, pork and kimchi (Russia and Korea share a border with Korean influence felt through many dishes) and are matched with an earl grey vodka infused on site.

VENUE: Vodka Room, 5 Rose Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Limited spaces available with only 12 seats at each event

DATES; 12 October, 8 November

COST: $115

To book, go to; or contact Lisa,

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