Fresh As launches panna cotta in black doris plum and raspberry varieties.

Used by the highest echelon of chefs across the globe for their unbeatable texture and intense flavour, this latest offering by Fresh As is another delicious innovation for the home chef.

Fresh As Panna Cotta is the company’s first step into providing a complete dessert solution. The panna cotta are produced using fresh fruit with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Fresh As Panna Cotta is an easy-make only requiring full cream, milk, and the Panna Cotta packet.

Just heat and combine the milk and cream, then sprinkle in the contents while whisking. Distribute evenly into moulds and refrigerate overnight. Remove from the moulds in the morning and top with the complementing Fresh As fruit such as raspberries or plum slice for a bold flavour and unbeatable texture.

Fresh As founder Tommy Roff says this latest dessert innovation came from a desire from the market to create a complete dessert solution.

Fresh As range is an ever expanding list of freeze-dried ingredients from whole raspberries, fruit powders, mandarin segments, and now complete desserts!

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