It’s certainly the buzz word right now. Going green and growing your own vegetables in your home garden or pots.

So here’s our Spring Planting Guide to keep you in the loop with what to plant and when. For a wonderful web video gardening guide, visit

October is what’s known as a “Spring Delight” month to grow your own vegetables. With food prices rising, there’s just no excuse not to be growing, or at least trying to grow, your own vegetable garden at home.

You’ll get such a feeling of satisfaction when you pluck your own tomatoes or cut fresh coriander, chillis, silverbeet and blueberries from your own backyard. It’s fun, easy and the family will love to help. We are lucky in New Zealand, it’s very simple.

Remember tomato, courgette and pumpkin plantings will have to wait till mid-November for those in cooler climes.

For easy grow-your-own tomatoes, just save a seed or two from an existing/cut tomato, let dry on a paper towel for a week, squish the seed slightly then plant in a recycled yoghurt container in potting mix. Voila, your own cherry tomatoes for Christmas and you don’t need to pay $10 a kilo.

The days are longer and soils are warming up, sp there should be salad greens in your garden. All you need is some potting mix, a big pot or space in your garden and the actual plants from your local garden centre (50c each). Growing your own rocket salad leaves for that fancy salad will leave you very proud! Rocket can be used in pasta, stirfries, with fish and of course salads.

So much can be planted now and your new vegetable garden will soon start to fill up.  Carrots could be planted in the successful combination of a row of carrots, a row of onions and a row of beetroot. Also add a few radish seeds to the line of carrots being sown; the radish will pop up fast and remind you where the line of carrots are.

After the danger of a frost is past, plant pumpkin and butternut.  Other summer seasonal vegetables including capsicum, tomato and courgette can be container sown now to provide transplants later (late November).

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