Macy and Tailor are an artisanal snack game changer. Launched at the Auckland Food Show, the range of Vege Crisps and Pressed Pretzels was very well received by the public and is becoming a major hit at the snacks aisles.

Macy and Tailor is a family owned and operated company originally from Blenheim and recently relocated to Auckland. Mike Fisher, Macy and Tailor’s general manager, is the fourth generation of foodies. The Fishers have been in the food business for over 100 years in New Zealand; including founding and running the Elite Food Group for three decades until it was sold last year.

Passionate about food, Mike developed Macy and Tailor artisanal snacks aiming to offer great natural snacks tailored to people’s everyday needs, after noticing a gap in the market, with a small variety of veggie crisps and nothing like their unique Pressed Pretzels. The full range is made with all natural ingredients, is vegan and dairy free, and has no preservatives or GMOs.

The Vege Crisps come in three varieties of carefully selected vegetables – Beetroot/ Carrot & Parsnip / Beetroot, Carrot & Parsnip – and are hand cooked to preserve the fresh farm flavours of heirloom vegetables. They are gluten free and have no artificial flavours, colouring or added MSG. The Pressed Pretzels – a novelty in New Zealand – are oven-baked for ultimate crispness, and come in two flavours – Salt and Pizza Seasoned – which can be enjoyed on their own or loaded up just like a cracker, but with an epic twist.

Chef-celeb ex-MasterChef NZ Jax Hamilton has come up some delicious recipes using the Macy and Tailor, like Beetroot crusted salmon fillet, and really enjoyed the experience. “Everything about Macy and Tailor products is substantially better than most snacks on the market. I’m all about flavour and on this they stand alone. I didn’t have to think too hard about how to incorporate them into not only a recipe, but my daily eating habits”, she praises.

They are great snacks for entertaining, for a post workout treat or anytime of the day, and are ideal for kids’ lunch packs as well, as they are natural – the Vege Crisps are actually a great way to get children eating their veggies. The Pressed Pretzels can be loaded up with cheeses, dips, relishes – the sky is the limit. And both can be used to add a creative and fun touch to recipes, like Jax did.

The Vege Crisps (RRP $3.89) and Pressed Pretzels (RRP $3.79) are available at selected New World, PAK’nSAVE, Four Square and Fresh Choice.

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  1. Hi, Can you tell me who in Christchurch stocks the Macy Pressed Pretzels…I bought them once from P&S Riccarton and have never seen them there or anywhere again. Thank You

    • Thanks Gerald. I would ask at Customer Service at the Pak N Save you’ve already purchased them from as they will know the distributor and where to get them. Most supermarkets if you ask especially for it, will stock what is enquired about. I understand The Warehouse is selling them too. Also check their FB page, follow them and ask directly!


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