These tasty lean beef medallions are best served simple. Just barbeque them with care to make sure you capture the delicious hearty flavour. They will make a perfect summer evening meal served with a simple summer salad of juicy sweet tomatoes and greens. Enjoy!

Serves: 2-3


1 packet of Beef Medallions
2 tablespoons avocado Cooking Oil (we love Olivado)
Salt and Pepper
1 bunch of spring onions or baby leeks
For the Summer Salad
1 small carrot
1/3 Cucumber
Handful of baby spinach leaves
1 punnet Suga Babes Cherry Tomatoes
50g feta cheese, crumbled
To serve
Your favourite salad dressing!



  1. Take the beef medallions out of the fridge and remove packaging. Rest the steaks on a plate to come to the room temperature. This helps to them to cook evenly. Brush cooking oil all over the meat and season with salt and pepper just before cooking.
  2. Heat BBQ to medium high. Cook 3-4 minutes each side for medium rare, 4-5 minutes for medium and 6-7 minutes for well done. Rest the steaks on a plate for 5-6 minutes before serving. BBQ spring onions until soft and slightly charred.
  3. Prepare vegetables for the Summer salad. Julienne carrot and cucumber, slice spring onions and halve cherry tomatoes. Mix and toss all vegetables and feta cheese with the salad dressing.
  4. On a serving plate, place beef and spring onions. Serve the salad generously on side.
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