The average kiwi household throws out the equivalent of three shopping trolleys full of food every year.* While there’s nothing appealing about bendy celery or furry cheese, that’s a lot of valuable nutrition and shopping dollars going to waste in the landfill.

The latest innovation in Sunbeam’s FoodSaver® range, the new FoodSaver Fresh offers a simple solution to keep food fresh for up to twice as long as conventional storage. The Sunbeam FoodSaver Fresh vacuum seals FoodSaver containers and reusable zipper bags airtight, keeping air out and fresh in. Removing the air from your storage containers keeps regularly used foods fresher for longer. Its compact size and sleek lines make it a welcome addition to the bench top, where it’s sure to be in daily use anyway.

With tender new season produce appearing in the veggie aisles and the summer BBQ season just around the corner, the Sunbeam FoodSaver Fresh is perfect for keeping berries, vegetables, cheeses, deli meats, leftovers and pantry foods in tiptop condition for the next time you need them.

The Sunbeam FoodSaver Fresh comes complete with a 3-cup container and five reusable zipper bags, so you’re all set to see food waste and grocery bills shrinking from the get-go.

It offers a host of features for easy operation and effective food storage:

  • One button start
  • Auto stop when vacuum complete
  • Self-centring base so you know exactly where to put container/bag
  • Adjustable vacuum head
  • A variety of container sizes and rolls available
  • Compact footprint
  • 1x 3 cup container and 5x zipper bags included
  • Works with all FoodSaver fresh containers and zipper bags
  • 12 month replacement guarantee

Air is the enemy of freshness and regular zipper bags and containers trap the air in. Food stays fresher for longer with Sunbeam FoodSaver.

Sunbeam VS1300 FoodSaver Fresh RRP $199.00 available at leading appliance stores

Additional container sizes are available –

*Source: Love Food Hate Waste 2017

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