Halloween Eyes

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or making groovy, ghoulish snacks for trick-or-treating visitors, this fun and easy Halloween recipe is a frightfully fun dish for everyone.

Serves 2


Parsley, finely chopped
Devilled egg mixture (see easy recipe here at Fresh)
Red capsicum
Black olives
Asparagus tips
Pimento-stuffed green olives
Small green gherkins


1. Stir chopped parsley into your favourite devilled egg mixture (or click recipes above). The parsley will give your Halloween eyes a bit of a spooky, green tint. Fill the cooked egg whites.
2. Version 1: Use black-olive slices for pupils and a bit of red capsicum pushed into the center for an evil Halloween glint. Add asparagus tips for eyebrows.
3. Version 2: Use green-olive halves for eyes and gherkins for eyelids. Cut tiny triangles of red capsicum for eyelashes.
4. Serve on wee, oval plates of any description to create the eye effect.
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