Meadows mushrooms are not only the leading producers of mushrooms in New Zealand but the product they grow – the beautiful mushroom – is a stunning example of recycling. At Meadows, the mushrooms are grown from compost made almost entirely from recycled waste material and the end product is a truly healthy, safe and sustainable food that tastes amazing!

Meadows are 100% committed to sustainability as a core value of their business and this year they wanted to shout about their achievements, so what better way than to use their biodegradable and recyclable cardboard pre-packs as a billboard.

One of their proudest decisions was to move away from using plastic punnets to contain their mushrooms, and in doing so, they have been able to eliminate the equivalent of 2.5 million plastic drink bottles in just one year, which has been incredibly well-received by their loyal mushroom purchasers.

Chief Executive Office John Barnes says “Environmental issues are of paramount importance to New Zealanders and we see our switch to cardboard packs from plastic as a major breakthrough within the New Zealand produce sector”.

As well as protecting the mushrooms, a moisture-resistant barrier added to the cardboard ensures the produce stays fresh whilst ensuring the pack retains the ability to degrade during the composting process.

At present Meadows is celebrating New Zealand’s diversity of nationalities and cultures with an international series of meal inspirations for the versatile mushroom. Each biodegradable pre-pack punnet has an inspiring global meal idea. Whether it’s the delicious Mexican taco, Korean bibimbap, Chinese dumpling or French galette – it’s time to create some stunning flavours with Meadows mushrooms.


Most people are unaware of how the humble mushroom is grown. One of the most important ingredients in the growing process of mushrooms is the compost. Meadows are pleased to say that their compost is made from agricultural by-products which would fill a staggering 2.3 rugby fields. The Meadows compost is then 100% recycled back into arable cropping and gardening landscaping, this creates a complete full circle cycle.

Meadows mushrooms know that the sustainability journey is a work-in-progress for everyone and their next challenge is to remedy the plastic film wrap used on their biodegradable pre-pack punnets. The starting point has been to partner with Love NZ Plastics recycling scheme to encourage mushrooms lovers to recycle the plastic film by dropping it in the collection bins available at supermarkets around the country. Recycled soft plastics are then processed and used to make products such as bollards, park benches and garden products just to name a few.

Mel Rushton, Meadows Marketing Manager says “We will continue to investigate options for biodegradable film and opportunities to support appropriate research toward it, but in the meantime, this is a really positive step to help reduce plastic waste”.

Sustainability is definitely a journey and it takes every single person to make a difference.


About Meadows

Meadows continues to be the leading producer of mushrooms in New Zealand. Proudly family owned since 1970, Meadows is dedicated to growing great tasting nutritious mushrooms to be enjoyed by kiwi families every day. Based in Christchurch, they are continually investing in innovation to produce the best quality farm product to kiwi kitchens. Picked daily, it’s guaranteed that Meadows mushrooms are always 100% fresh.



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