Off the huge success of NZ’s inaugural Flowers Week last year, the National Flower Promotion Group (NFPG) is launching National New Zealand Flowers Week 2017, to celebrate locally grown flowers and highlight the importance of the industry’s contribution to culture and the economy.

Over 3000 petals, decadent colours, 26 hours, 30 varieties of NZ’s freshest florals and plenty of trimming and arranging, NZ Flowers Week is well and truly in full bloom.

It is the event which dedicates itself to beautifying everything it touches, enchanting young and old alike with dizzying smells and bringing the senses alive with vibrant colours and textures.

Only two weeks away, Launching 20th-26th November, NZ Flowers Week is a time to celebrate doted flora and fauna and the creativity it encompasses.

Five of New Zealand’s top florists from around the country, gathered last Tuesday and Wednesday to create and curate arrangements from Bouquets, cloaks, and wall arrangements to shopping trolleys full with the season’s finest.  They have successfully completed installations which are dedicated to celebrating the best of the best New Zealand’s locality has to offer.

Rebecca Jones from the NFPG says they hope to encourage growers, wholesalers, florists and Kiwis to get involved with Flowers Week and to become more passionate than ever about local and seasonal flowers.

Flowers are universally adored by everyone, and are one of the most popular gifts ever exchanged. They instantly beautify their immediate environment and uplift people’s mood. Internationally, the global floriculture industry and market is growing and it is important that New Zealand establishes itself in that market.

“Like other industries, the flower industry is not without its challenges however it’s important to note that New Zealand’s floriculture industry is a major source of production, employment and export” says Rebecca.

A full week planned of everything flower power, the week promises to impress.

The week-long event will run from 20 to 26 November to encourage florists and New Zealanders to support the industry.

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