Kohu Road has unveiled a brand-new range of award winning, hand-crafted, dairy-free ice creams. Eight exciting flavours are available, including mango, strawberry, green tea, blackcurrant and classics such as chocolate and vanilla.

The introduction of a dairy-free range will be welcome news to those who love ice cream, but can’t eat dairy, or want something that’s a little healthier than traditional ice cream. The new selection is made up of four ice creams where dairy has been replaced with coconut cream, and four sorbets that are all vegan-friendly.

Two of the new flavours won gold at the 2017 NZ Ice Cream Awards. Kohu Road’s Strawberry won the best Non-Dairy category, whilst their Vanilla also took a gold in Non-Dairy.

“To see our new flavours do so well at the awards is incredible,” says founder of Kohu Road, Greg Hall. “We wanted to cut out the dairy so we could make ice cream healthier without losing the flavour that we really pride ourselves on. It has less calories, sugar and fat than traditionally made versions, but there are no additives, preservatives or stabilisers. It’s taken us over three years to perfect but we’re delighted to have created something that’s ice cream identical in the way it looks, tastes and feels but is 100% dairy free.”

The range was recently unveiled at AUT’s Sensory Evaluation Lab, where journalists, food judges and bloggers were given 20 samples of four different Kohu Road chocolate varieties, including the new non-dairy Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Sorbet. Most tasters were unable to tell the difference between dairy and non-dairy versions.

“The Dark Chocolate Sorbet has got a very intense chocolate flavour, we’re really pleased with it, as we had some die-hard chocolate ice cream lovers who couldn’t believe it was dairy-free, let alone vegan friendly” says Greg.

“It was interesting to see how people reacted to the different chocolate flavours, and whether they could really tell much difference between the dairy and non-dairy, and it seems based on the results, that not many could.”

As well as being made with coconut cream, the new range has reduced sugar, due to the use of monk fruit – a natural sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. The new collection also caters to a wide variety of people who may have special food requirements. It’s gluten-free, halal, kosher and all the fruit sorbets are vegan friendly.

The new dairy-free ice cream is available in 500ml tubs, priced at $12.99 RRP.

The full, dairy-free range is now available from Farro Fresh, and select flavours will be making their way into New World, Fresh Choice and Countdown stores from 13th November.


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