Cathedral Cove Naturals Coconut Yoghurts celebrate nature like no other, letting their natural ingredients do the talking and offering the most deliciously nourishing products. They are free from refined sugars, soy, vegetable oils, additives and preservatives, and cater perfectly to paleo, vegan, dairy free and gluten free diets. And they taste amazing!

Cathedral Cove Naturals is a NZ owned and operated family business, founded by Hamish Pilkington in 2000. Hamish was involved in the family organic macadamia farm in the Coromandel Peninsula before branching out to embark on the quest for an even healthier lifestyle for his family and himself. He struggled to find delicious products with all natural ingredients and no gluten, dairy or preservatives, so he began developing his own natural cereals and coconut yoghurts from home. The reaction to the products he created was so enthusiastic that he began to manufacture on a larger scale to meet the demand for truly mouthwatering nourishing natural products.

The Coconut Yoghurts are available in four flavours: Natural Coconut Yoghurt, Coconut Yoghurt with Cacao Bean, Coconut Yoghurt with Raspberry and Chia, and the latest, Coconut Yoghurt with Mango, Passionfruit and Chia. The base for all Cathedral Cove Naturals Coconut Yoghurts takes only two ingredients, coconut cream and probiotic cultures, and the flavoured ones also contain real fruit and whole food ingredients only, with nutritional boosts from superfood ingredients like chia seeds and cacao powder. They provide healthy and satiating fats from the coconut cream and are also low in sugar, using coconut sugar as sweetener. Fermented with high quality probiotic cultures, they are jam-packed with beneficial bacteria for the digestive system, which aids digestion, supports the immune system and improves gut health.


The Natural Coconut Yoghurt is unsweetened and very versatile, sensational with cereals, fresh fruit, or even a good dollop on a soup or curry. The flavoured ones are also very convenient and tasty, ideal for breakfast, morning tea, pre or post workout, desserts, or any time one craves a little guiltless sweetness.

Sustainability has always been a strong priority for Cathedral Cove Naturals, so their whole production is as green as possible, and the Coconut Yoghurts come in clear glass jars, which are reusable and 100% recyclable. The 500 g (RRP $11) glass jars have been around since the beginning, and recently they launched the 210 g (RRP $5.50) glass jar, perfect for work and smaller households.

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