Red Seal have recently introduced the latest ingredient in joint care to their extensive range of supplements.  Their all new Artemisia Annua 300mg is the latest addition to their high potency Pharmacy Strength range.  This easy one-a-day capsule is an absolute must for anyone struggling with stiff, worn or tired joints.  While it’s not a name that’s easy to pronounce it’s a product that’s sure to make life that little bit easier.  Get moving again with Red Seal’s concentrated herbal extract, Artemisia Annua 300mg.  In supermarkets now.  RRP  $19.99

Top tips for joint care:

Good posture takes the strain off your joints. Too much time bending over in the garden or in front of the computer can put pressure on joints – sitting and standing up straight can protect joints all over your body.

Rely on your big joints – they’re big for a reason.  Lift grocery bags using your forearm instead of your fingers and shut doors and draws using your hips, shoulders or your rear.

Your joints need a bit of love too. Certain supplements can help support stiff or tired joints – try Red Seal’s Artemisia Annua 300mg for a high potency dose of the latest discovery in joint care. Always read the label, take as directed, if symptoms persist, consult your health professional.

Sprains and strains can be soothed with Anti-Flamme – both Anti-Flamme Original or Anti-Flamme Joints offer a natural way of supporting joint mobility!

Lack of movement can really tighten joints. Stretch, sit, stand repeat – be careful not to stay in one position for too long. Using a myofascial ball is a great way of stretching, for example resting the ball on a flat surface and running your forearm over it when spending a lot of time at the computer, or loosening tight hips by lying on the floor with the ball under your hip and gently rotating.

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