Marshmallow Snow Bots


A holiday treat that everyone will love, especially the kids who can help you create these marvellous marshmallows.

Serves 10

To make Marshmallow Snowmen, you will need:

200g large white marshmallows (we use Ma Baker’s)

1/4 cup chocolate drops (we use Nestlé white chocolate baking bits)

Red licorice strips (we use RJs)

1/2 cup Pretzels

1/4 cup licorice bullets for the eyes

Icing sugar, for dusting

About 10 toothpicks

How to make Marshmallow Snowmen:

Melt the white chocolate drops in the microwave and put into a piping bag.

Slice the red licorice straps so you have 10 scarves.

Slice the licorice bullets so you have 20 eyes.

Break the pretzels with your hands so you have arms.

Place the marshmallows on a tray. Push 2 large marshmallows lengthways onto each toothpick, Trim off any of the stick that is poking out of the top.

Using the melted white chocolate, make dots then attach the eyes. Carefully tie the licorice around between the two marshmallows for the snowman’s scarf. Push the pretzel arms into the sides of the bottom marshmallow.

Pipe a small blob of icing onto the top of the snowman’s head and position a white chocolate drop on top.

Keep making snowmen like this until you have as many as you need to make a fabulous Christmas winter wonderland scene!

To serve, scatter coconut or icing sugar over the red serving dish, arrange the snowmen on top and dust lightly with more sugar to make it look like snow on his hat. Arrange red and white candy canes for extra Christmas coolness.

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