For the second time running L’Authentique is the winner of the beer banger challenge as voted by patrons at Hallertau Brewery.

More than 200 platters of sausage from butcheries across Auckland – totalling over 90 kilos of prime sausage meat – were devoured and washed down by numerous pints of Hallertau beer, for the annual competition.

Run in parallel with the general election but using the first past the post system, voting was carried out at Hallertau by public ballot with the final result being more clear-cut than the other election.

Previous winners have included Westmere Butchery, Grey Lynn Butchery and Mangawhai Meat Store; though L’Authentique is the only double winner in the competition’s five year history.

L’Authentique is an artisanal sausage producer, using only the finest cuts of meat and purest ingredients.

Co-owner Wade Lewis says their sausage range is handmade in New Zealand by imported Frenchmen, who bring their own unique French style to challenge the Kiwi notion of what makes a fine sausage.

“We are thrilled to be voted the tastiest beer sausage from a line-up of very good sausage makers. The L’Authentique team has tasted a lot of Hallertau Number 2 Pale Ale over the years, and so it was a very intuitive process introducing the right balance and measure of pork, herbs and spices to this beer.  In the test kitchen we knew we were on to a crowd pleaser,” said Wade.

Their winning entry was dubbed Hop Scotch, with the key ingredients being a Hallertau Number 2 Pale Ale, pork scotch, bacon, red capsicum, fresh coriander, fresh garlic and spices.

Hallertau chief brewer Steve Plowman says, “The Hallertau Beer Banger challenge brings together two wonderful mediums. This search always reveals new combinations of flavours and texture and one of these combinations ultimately triumphs over the others.”

The L’Authentique Hallertau sausages will be available available at source at the Hallertau Restaurant and Brewery, located at 1171 Riverhead Coatesville Highway, Riverhead.


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