Now here’s a sweet surprise! Dipped in chocolate, these marshmallow reindeers are sure to keep all your little and big ones smiling at Christmas Holidays. You can add to your gift bags too.


Large Marshmallows

200g Dark Chocolate broken into small pieces (or chocolate chips)

1 tablespoon of oil (We love Olivado sweet almond oil)


Jaffas, M&M, or Smarties

A handful of white chocolate pieces/chips, or 100’s & 1000’s

Lolly pop sticks/straws


Melt the dark chocolate in the microwave until it’s fully melted. Each microwave is different, and you don’t want to burn it, so go for shorter time (10-20 seconds on low setting) and repeat heating.

Add oil, slowly stirring until it’s a slightly thinner consistency. Without this step, the marshmallows will have bumpy globs where the chocolate drips down instead of a smooth finish.

Break pretzels in half.

Dip the marshmallow into the chocolate until it’s fully coated. Place on non-stick baking paper.

Insert the pretzels on the marshmallow. The melted chocolate works as the glue as it hardens.

Add half a jaffa, M&M or Smartie as the reindeer nose.

Leave them for a while until the chocolate fully hardens.

Melt the white chocolate in microwave. Place in a piping bag. Dot to make reindeer’s eyes. Alternatively, use white sugar bits from 100’s and 100’s for tiny eyes.

When the chocolate sets insert a lolly pop stick or a straw into the side of the marshmallow, just slightly off centre. Dress with ribbon or tinsel.

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