The Coffee Club, one of the country’s fastest growing café brands, says that more Kiwis than ever before are enjoying salmon dishes when they dine out. The ingredient is quickly becoming a firm favourite for many consumers, regardless of whether they’re eating breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Coffee Club, which has more than 60 stores around New Zealand, is expecting to get through 7000kg of smoked salmon this year, up 500kg from last year. That’s an increase of almost 600 plates of eggs Benedict with salmon. Salmon now ranks in two of The Coffee Club’s top ten selling dishes, Salmon Eggs Benedict and their Salmon & Avo Stack, and they have also recently added a new salmon dish, the Salmon & Cream Cheese Omelette, to meet the ever increasing demand.

The Coffee Club’s supplier, New Zealand King Salmon, which provides the cafes with Regal Salmon from Marlborough Sounds, is not surprised at the jump in sales. They have been experiencing strong growth for some time now.

“Kiwis are becoming more aware of what’s in their food and where it comes from,” explains New Zealand King Salmon Marketing Manager, Sahra Cliffe. “New Zealand salmon appeals as it’s a locally sourced product and is rich in nutrients. It also contains lots of healthy fats and protein, so it’s very good for you and you don’t need to eat much to feel satisfied.”

“The premiumisation trend has also had an impact,” she adds. “More consumers are looking for the finer things in life and are prepared to pay a little more for quality. The influence of cooking shows and social media channels like Instagram are encouraging people to be more adventurous with food and to try new things as well.”

The Coffee Club directors, Andy Lucas and Brad Jacobs, say it’s quite a change from when they first launched The Coffee Club in New Zealand 12 years ago.
“Salmon would not have been a regular purchase for most people ten or so years ago. It was regarded as a very occasional treat or something that you might only eat when you went out to a high-end restaurant,” explains Andy. “Now, while it is still seen as a premium ingredient, it is a more common indulgence and people are regularly choosing it over more humble staples. Kiwis will eat it when they go out for breakfast or brunch with friends, and even as part of a weeknight meal at home.”
Both The Coffee Club and New Zealand King Salmon expect the salmon trend to continue. They also predict that sales will continue to climb throughout summer as Kiwis tend to favour lighter, healthier dishes in the warmer weather.

The Coffee Club stores can be found throughout both the North and South Islands. For more information visit

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