It was (almost) the news of 2017 in New Zealand; after years of eating regular, carb-heavy potatoes, we finally got what we were longing for – the Lotato™, a naturally grown low-carb spud. As people flocked to Countdowns across the country Lotatomania took on a face of its own and within a few weeks the forgiving spud was sold out everywhere!

For over two months the growers at T&G have been busy making sure the people of New Zealand have Lotatoes™ to see them through summer and thankfully, just in time for Christmas, Lotatoes™ are back in stock!

Michelle Singh of T&G says, “Our new season Lotatoes™ are back, and we’re thrilled to introduce a very limited run of Baby Lotatoes™, just in time for Christmas. Delicious boiled or roasted in a salad or as a side dish, the new season Lotatoes™ are what kiwi innovation dreams are made of.”

Pop Lotatoes™ in a classic potato salad, or drizzle them with oil, salt and rosemary and bake in the oven for an extra special dining experience that will prove to your guests that you can have your spuds and eat them too!


Introducing Baby Lotatoes™

Baby Lotatoes™ are the newest addition to the T&G family (formerly Turners and Growers) and are a smaller version of the delicious low-carb potatoes produced naturally here in New Zealand.

Like the original, Baby Lotatoes™ are born from nature and have 40% fewer carbs (than other baby potato varieties). Grown sustainably in Pukekohe and Ohakune, by cross-breeding different varieties of potato, the result is fewer carbs and calories than your everyday spud.

Available in limited supply exclusively at Countdown stores!

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