With summer in full swing, there’s no better way to spend warm evenings than with good friends, great food and a chilled glass of wine. Sacred Hill’s winemakers have put together a guide on the perfect wine match for a selection of Kiwi Christmas and summer favourites.

Smoked salmon, matched with 2017 Sacred Hill Reserve Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay, RRP $21.99.

Cold smoked salmon in a picnic basket or platter matched with a full, oaky Chardonnay, the excellent weight and soft texture of the Reserve 2017 Chardonnay complementing the unique texture of smoked salmon.


Barbequed scallops or prawns, matched with 2017 Sacred Hill Orange Label Marlborough Pinot Gris, RRP $16.99.

The 2017 Orange Label Pinot Gris is a fabulous food friendly wine, with sweet Nashi Pear and apricot aromas complementing the light chilli flavour in this barbequed apertif.

Roast turkey with cranberry sauce, matched with 2016 Sacred Hill Special Selection Hawke’s Bay Riflemans Chardonnay, RRP $69.99.

The intense palate of this classical wine, with its sweet citrus and baked apple notes, and aromas of ripe mandarin peel, nectarine, hazelnut and vanilla bean, make it a perfect match with roast turkey or chicken. The cranberry sauce brings out an extra layer of flavour in the wine.

Hot Christmas ham glazed with honey and soy, matched with 2016 Sacred Hill Orange Label Hawke’s Bay Merlot Cabernet, RRP $16.99

With aromas of sweet black fruits, floral notes, oak spice and hints of black pepper, this smooth Merlot Cabernet brings out the sweet of the honey and soy and salty flavours of the ham in this traditional Christmas dish.


Roast chicken with mushroom and tarragon stuffing, matched with 2015 Sacred Hill Special Selection Wine Thief Chardonnay, RRP $34.99.

Sacred Hill’s Wine Thief Chardonnay has a creamy texture and an intense finish, with complex aromas of almond, hazelnut, dried stone fruit and hints of nutmeg and cinmamon. This rich and powerful wine creates an interesting palate with the distinctive flavours of tarragon and mushroom in the stuffing of this roast chicken.

 Crayfish with chilli, ginger and lime, matched with 2017 Sacred Hill Orange label Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, RRP $16.99.

Sauvignon Blanc is a wonderful match with seafood, particularly a dish with the tang of ginger and lime. The 2017 Sauvignon from Sacred Hill has a fresh bite of acidity, with an immediate presence of passionfruit, pawpaw and grapefruit.


Cured meat platter with prosciutto and serrano ham, matched with 2017 Sacred Hill Hawke’s Bay Rosé, RRP $16.99

This vibrant Rosé is flavoursome to be enjoyed on its own, but the hints of cardamom and cinnamon are a perfect match for enjoying with dry, cured meats – the saltiness contrasting with the freshness of the wine.

Seared tuna or oysters, matched with 2014 Sacred Hill Special Selection Virgin Chardonnay, RRP $29.99.

Sacred Hill’s Virgin Chardonnay 2014 is lifted with vibrant lemon and lime notes and briny oyster shell characters, making this Chardonnay a dream to enjoy with light seafood.

 Venison with balsamic jus, matched with 2016 Sacred Hill Reserve Hawke’s Bay Syrah, RRP $24.99.

With concentrated and intense aromas of dark berry fruits, the 2016 Reserve Syrah flows through the palate with layers of boysenberry, spice, black olive, vanilla and dark chocolate, perfect for game meats such as venison and a gorgeous contrast with the balsamic jus.


Heavy Christmas fruitcake, matched with Sacred Hill Special Selection Brokenstone Merlot Blend 2014, RRP $49.99.

The fruit and spice in Christmas fruitcake speaks to the complex aromas of baked plum, sweet leather, dark flowers, cedar, liquorice and baking spices in this gorgeous Brokenstone Merlot Blend of 2014.

 Cheeseboard platter, matched with 2017 Sacred Hill Orange Label Marlborough Pinot Gris RRP $16.99.

The Nashi Pear, apricot, nutmeg and clove notes in the clean tasting 2017 Marlborough Pinot Gris lend themselves beautifully to a cheeseboard platter, with a  creamy camembert and mild but sharp and salty blue cheese. Include some fresh and dried fruits or fruit pastes to enhance the fruity aromas of the wine.


Classic pavlova with strawberries, matched with 2017 Sacred Hill Orange Label Hawke’s Bay Rosé RRP $16.99.

Delicious warm summer aromas of crushed strawberries along with hints of sweet cinnamon and cardamom make this Rosé reminisent of summer pudding served with fresh cream – delightful paired with a classic Christmas pavlova!



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