Menopause is a subject that is often not openly discussed as it is a time of life that some women don’t feel comfortable talking about or just don’t want to acknowledge. However, it can be hard to ignore with the many different types of symptoms that can be experienced throughout the menopause transition. With all the misinformation that surrounds menopause, it can be a confusing and difficult stage of life to deal with.

All women will embark on menopause at some stage and each body will respond differently to the changes. A distressing symptom for some, can be weight gain. Good Health have developed a weight management product specially for women who are experiencing the many symptoms of menopause. It contains the natural, clinically researched, multi-action weight management ingredient Synetrim® which helps to block the absorption of dietary fat, carbohydrates and sugar, supports healthy fat metabolism and helps manage emotional eating.

The new Good Health Synetrim® Meno-Slim is a soy-free, herb-based, day and night formula (with NO Black Cohosh) which helps to support the disruptive and often unpleasant multiple symptoms of menopause. Unlike many other menopause products, Synetrim® Meno-Slim not only supports temperature and mood balance but also supports effective weight management.

Once you enter the menopause transition starting with peri-menopause you may experience symptoms such as mood swings, fluctuating body temperature, weight gain, difficulty sleeping and even brain fog! There are many myths surrounding menopause and if you google around the internet, it can be quite daunting. What we know is that with the changing balance of hormones (such as estrogen and progesterone hormones) experienced through menopause, the existence of brain fog is real.

Women tend to experience different symptoms during the day as opposed to night time, so Synetrim® Meno-Slim provides 24-hour support with two unique formulas containing traditionally used herbs including Sage, Wild Yam and Ziziphus Jujuba and other key nutrients which provide specially targeted support for the day and night symptoms of menopause. The day formula provides support for weight management, temperature and mood balance, brain fog, mental clarity and bone health, whilst the night formula delivers the benefits of the day formula along with much needed sleep support.

GOOD HEALTH SYNETRIM® MENO-SLIM RRP $64.90 (60 capsules: 30 Day/ 30 Night)

DIRECTIONS: Day formula: Take 1 clear capsule daily, before breakfast or lunch, or as professionally advised. Night formula: Take 1 white capsule daily before dinner or as professionally advised.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. Weight management products should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet, exercise programme and lifestyle changes. Good Health, Auckland.

Good Health products are available at leading pharmacies and health stores nationwide and online. For more information or to locate your nearest stockist please visit or phone 09 448 0160.

For the Good Health Naturopath advice line, phone 0800 44 66 34.



Menopause Myth-Buster

Menopause can be a confusing time not helped by the large amount of misinformation circulating on the topic. Read on to differentiate the fact from the fiction with our top 8 myth-busting questions and answers.



  1. Weight gain is inevitable during menopause

False. It largely depends on the individual as to whether they experience weight gain during this time. Our metabolic rate does typically slow in response to lower estrogen levels and muscle mass, which is why weight gain can be more common. It is different for each and every individual how menopause may impact their metabolism. Our metabolism typically starts to slow from our 30s, not just at menopause. There are also many other factors that may influence your weight such as genetics, dietary intake, lifestyle, thyroid and adrenal function – all of these factors can have an effect on our overall metabolic rate. Natural supplements like Good Health Synetrim® Meno-Slim can also help with effective weight management.

  1. ‘Brain fog’ is one of the symptoms of menopause

True. Brain fog impacts mental clarity and is commonly experienced by woman during menopause due to the changing balance of hormones, primarily the hormone estrogen.

  1. Menopause will last for a few years. It will be the same for everyone

False. Menopause is different for everyone. The initial stage of menopause is called peri-menopause. Once you have gone 12 months with no period it is considered the end of peri-menopause as you transition to menopause. The length of menopause is on average about 3- 4 years but differs greatly from person to person.

  1. Menopause only occurs when we are in our 50s

False. Menopause generally occurs from between the years of 45-55 for many women. It may be sooner or later depending on the individual as it can vary greatly. There may be some genetic tendencies – if your mother or grandmother had an early start to menopause, you may also experience menopause at a younger age. Surgeries involving the ovaries or reproductive organs can also contribute to early onset of menopause.

  1. Sleep is a common problem in menopause

True. It is not always a problem for everyone, but it is very common to be affected by poor sleep patterns during the menopause transition. Sleep can be disturbed due to temperature imbalances and the declining levels of estrogen and progesterone as both those hormones typically help promote quality sleep.

  1. It is only the hormone estrogen that is affected in menopause

False. It is not just estrogen. Estrogen is the most well-known and predominate hormone that declines in menopause. The ovaries cease their function of producing eggs and in response both estrogen and progesterone levels drop causing the symptoms of menopause.

  1. It is common to experience low mood, worry and stress during menopause

True. It is common for many women at this time to experience low mood, worry and/or stress, for some people it may be all of these symptoms. Mood changes that are associated with hormonal fluctuations may make you feel like you are a different person and less in control. Supporting hormone balance during menopause may help ease some of these symptoms.

  1. Natural herbs can provide helpful support for the symptoms of menopause

True. There are a number of different herbs that are used to support the many uncomfortable and often distressing symptoms of menopause. Three well-known and traditionally used herbs are Sage, Wild Yam and Ziziphus Jujuba. These herbs help by naturally supporting temperature balance, hormone balance, mental clarity, mood and sleep. The Good Health ingredient Synetrim® which is present in Synetrim Meno-Slim is from the botanical cissus quadrangularis and helps to support effective weight management by blocking the absorption of dietary fats, carbs and sugars, supporting healthy fat metabolism and helping to manage mood and emotional eating by improving serotonin levels.


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