As the commonwealth games draw near, New Zealand’s top athletes are being supported on their road to victory by Woodland Free Range Eggs who are delighted to announce their
partnership with the High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) Food Family.

As part of HPSNZ’s Food Family, Woodland will provide fresh free, quality range eggs to Kiwi athletes across the country at HPSNZ’s National and Regional Training and Performance Centres to support athlete preparation and recovery from training.

“We are proud to be partnering with HPSNZ to provide a high quality, natural New Zealand
whole food source to our Kiwi athletes,” Hamish Sutherland, General Manager, Zeagold says.

“We’re so excited that our highly nutritious Woodland eggs are going to be supporting the
performance of New Zealand’s elite sports men and women.”

Woodland, who recently announced they have implemented egg stamping to authenticate the origin of each egg, can give the athletes 100% confidence that Woodland eggs are genuinely free range. The stamp enables them to trace each individual egg back to the farm where the hen laid it which can be viewed at Woodland is the only free range egg brand to do this.

The hens on Woodland’s free range farms are free to wander in the pastures under the canopy of trees situated on beautiful rural properties, mainly located in the unspoiled Waitaki region of the South Island.

Speaking following the announcement, Jeni Pearce, Head of Performance Nutrition at HPSNZ says great nutrition is essential for athletes.

“Eggs are a complete protein and contain more than 11 vitamins and minerals as well as key antioxidants to help maintain good health and support muscle.”

The agreement will see Woodland deliver their free range eggs weekly for the next three years across the Tokyo Cycle.

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