Most New Zealanders know that to keep well hydrated they should drink eight glasses of water per day, however it isn’t always easy to make this a daily habit as sometimes water can seem boring.

There is a growing trend in cafes and homes of infusing fruits and other botanicals in water to make it more interesting. Now Lipton, the tea experts, have made this available on-the-go in a new hydrating range of still waters, gently infused with the subtle taste of tea, fruit and herbs for a light refreshment. The new range of Lipton Infused Waters are delicately flavoured with Watermelon with Red Fruits Tisane, Pear and Elderflower with Green Tea, and Cucumber and Mint with Green Tea.


While some flavoured waters can be high in sugar or contain artificial sweeteners, Lipton Infused Waters contain no added sugar except the tiny amount naturally occurring in the fruit and herb extracts and other natural ingredients. They also contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives, and are low in calories. This makes Lipton Infused Water perfect for those moments in the day when you want something more than water.

Lipton Infused Water is available at major supermarkets, petrol and convenience and food outlets.

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  1. All your advertising ..but no where to be found …been all around west Auckland…. so where do I get some ..

    • Hi Greg
      Not advertising. I just like the new range so put up an article. I saw someone buying some the other day at a service station. Only very new so keep looking 🙂


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