New Zealand’s beloved vanilla brand, Heilala Vanilla, has extended its range to deliver a quality, natural vanilla, at an everyday price.

Soaring prices worldwide for vanilla beans have prompted New Zealand vanilla grower and manufacturer, Heilala Vanilla, to launch a new retail product range.

For the second year in a row, international prices have skyrocketed as demand outstrips supply. Spice traders predict the current market turmoil will continue into 2018.

Recent events surrounding the global vanilla market prompted Heilala Vanilla to develop a new product range to protect Kiwi customers from supply shortages and price volatility.

Heilala Vanilla has blended pure vanilla extract with natural, plant based, vanilla flavour. The range comprises of three new products each containing Heilala Vanilla Extract as the base ingredient. The finished result was developed in partnership with an international flavour house and produces a profile similar to Heilala’s 100 percent pure vanilla product range.

With additional notes of smokey, bourbon, caramel and almond plus a combination of sweet and bitter tastes, the finished flavour is a robust vanilla profile sure to add extra zing to your cooking and baking.

Heilala Vanilla is renowned for its premium 100 percent vanilla products endorsed by world-class chefs and the introduction of the natural vanilla range is sure to be a hit amongst at-home foodies.

The natural vanilla range remains true to the Heilala Vanilla brand, comprising of no additives or artificial flavours – offering real value at an accessible price.

Designed for everyday use, these products are set to become your new pantry staple, so you can reserve the premium range for special occasions that depend on the highest quality vanilla taste.

Natural Vanilla with Extract 125ml                   Retails from $8.99
A liquid blend made up of Heilala Vanilla Extract and natural flavours.

Natural Vanilla Bean Paste 65gm                    Retails from $8.99
A paste blend comprising Heilala Vanilla Extract and natural flavours, with the addition of finely ground vanilla bean.

Natural Vanilla with Seeds 60ml                      Retails from $7.49
A liquid blend featuring Heilala Vanilla Extract and natural flavours, flecked with seeds from a real vanilla bean.

The Heilala Natural vanilla range is available in New World and Countdown supermarkets nationwide.
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