Beach time, bathing and BBQs are exactly what us Kiwis live for! Being foodies, summer is also our favourite time of the year to cook and create recipes because we have a whole new variety of delicious and fresh produce to eat and cook with. . . but we mostly do more eating!

This year Best Foods has decided to launch National BBQ Day to celebrate summer and eating good food with friends and whanau. It kicks off Sunday 4th of March and there will be free public BBQ sampling sessions across NZ at seven locations.

We’ve also jumped on board to create a variety of fresh and delicious BBQ recipes to give you inspo for the summer. First up we created the ultimate salad recipe ‘Grilled Peach and Chilli Cauliflower Rice Salad’ and now we’re sharing our ‘Honey Soy Veggie Kebabs with Herb Dipping Sauce’.

This is the best recipe to whip up when you want it to look like you’ve put in the effort to make something that looks summery and healthy when you’re really tight on time. The honey soy vegetarian kebabs are always a hit especially with the kiddies, but the true hero is the fresh and flavourful herb dipping sauce. It’s made with a base of good old-fashioned Best Foods Mayo and taken to the next level with a punch of fresh parsley, chives and garlic.

~ Jay & Sarah NZ,

Serves five



1 red onion cut into 4 pieces vertically, then halved
1 large capsicum cut into 2-3cm pieces
10 mushrooms
1 eggplant cut into 2-3 cm pieces
300g tofu cut into 2-3cm pieces
1 large carrot, cut into 1cm pieces


4 tablespoons of honey
1/2 cup of soy or tamari sauce
10 kebab skewers

Herb Dipping Sauce

1 clove of garlic
Handful of parsley
4 tbs of chives
1 cup of Best Foods mayonnaise


Prep time: 15min
Cook time: 15min


  1. Spark up the BBQ grill or heat the oven grill on 180?C. While the grill is heating, push the tofu and vegetables onto 10 metal skewers (or pre-soaked wooden skewers), distributing them evenly among the skewers.

Honey Soy Glaze:

  1. Combine the honey and soy sauce together in a small bowl, mixing well until you get a smooth consistency. Brush the glaze over the kebabs before adding them to the grill, saving enough to glaze again throughout the cook. Cook them for 8-10 minutes, turning frequently until the tofu is lightly charred and the vegetables are fork-tender.

Herb Dipping Sauce:

  1. Add the garlic clove, parsley, chives and Best Foods mayonnaise into a food processor and blend until you get a smooth texture. Once the kebabs are cooked you can either drizzle the sauce over the kebabs or serve it on the side as dipping sauce. Happy eating!

Tip: Store any leftover kebabs in the fridge. The herb dip will keep in a glass jar in the fridge for one week.


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