Good news, Easter is nice and early this year so we don’t need to wait long until we can tuck into Hot Cross buns!

There’s no better way to start the day than with fragrant warm hot cross buns that take you back to your childhood.

Made from the freshest spices and loaded with fruit and mixed peel, hot cross buns Handcrafted by Loaf will do just that.  As well as the original version Loaf also has Hot Choc buns for the non-traditionalist! Best served heated with a knob of butter – you just might be converted.

This year Loaf’s 6 packs of hot cross buns are available at selected Countdown and New World stores as well as Boric Food Market, The Grocers Market and Bellatino’s. For stockists visit                                    

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  1. Hot cross buns available at “selected ” Countdown and New World stores but WHICH STORES? I haven’t found one yet. I live in Howick. Can you be more specific ? We really would love to try them as what’s in store is dry, devoid of fruit a long way off the traditional fare one might reasonably expect


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